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Rug Cleaning

A nice, neat and fresh rug will surely increase the appeal of your rooms.

Unfortunately, all rugs are extremely pliable to fine sands, grime, soils and allergens which quickly ruin their appealing look and make them unhealthy. Whether you are looking for professional cleaning of your unique rugs or complete carpet care,  we are ready to impress you with the results!

Deep, yet gentle rug cleaning .At K&K, we have the fine skills and the equipment to clean gently any type of fine special rug, without any risks for it’s color or structure. All of our cleaning methods are promoted by the acknowledged rug manufacturers as being safe and extremely efficient.

After our technicians are done with the cleaning, you will be able to enjoy a fresh, soft and colorful rug, which will continue creating warmth in your home or office.

K&K also provides professional upholstery cleaning. Call us now at: (734) 374-3527 for all your seasonal or emergency cleaning needs!


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